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Books written as Beth Cheylan

Fort Myers cop Maggie Michaels has grown accustomed to the searing heat and melting humidity of her new home in Florida. But then a recent transplant's industrial accident develops some disturbing overtones and Maggie suspects that his co-workers 'engineered' his death, thus lighting a blaze that won't easily be put down as Maggie and her young partner follow the leads to a shady union boss, mysterious funds, a suave elderly refugee and the victim's volatile wife. The suspects don't give an inch and their trails take unexpected turns, but Maggie refuses to give up the investigation no matter how much her suspects turn up the heat.

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Hitting rock bottom is nothing compared to trying to make a home there. Forensic specialist Rachael DelCorso was sure her life couldn't get worse. In a few short months she lost her husband, her career, and her lover--blown away by a vicious serial killer in a police disaster for which she shouldered the blame. Now Rachael plans to lie low and start over in a hot, dry speck of a Florida town.


She's wrong on both counts--she can't hide, and things are about to get a lot worse.


While convincing herself that she's content to snap pictures and dust broken windows for the local police, she is confronted with a series of mysterious deaths. Though the victims are unconnected and each was killed by a different method, Rachael becomes convinced that they all point to Don Blane,a charming older man--but is he a dangerous psychopath, or is he simply obscuring the trail of a million-dollar construction deal? Or is it someone else entirely?

A death in West Virginia draws FBI agent Ellie Gardner into an international chase across Europe in order to prevent the murder of millions of innocent people. NYPD Counterterrorism unit lieutenant Michael Stewart has his own murder to solve. On their own the pair trace a wayward shipping container to France and locate its originator--with fatal results. They use his information to continue across Europe to Prague, retracing the steps of a mysterious man with his own very specific agenda. An unexpected event throws them into the center of the crown jewel of Czech history, the largest ancient castle in the world where the seat of their government still resides. With their Czech guide Michael and Ellie discover little-known aspects and areas of Czechoslovakia during the Second World War as well as the twenty-three year occupation by the Soviets--as well as what, exactly, they are now pursuing, and how terrifying its consequences will be. A frantic search ensues and they catch one of the co-conspirators and finally Ellie and Michael have a glimpse of the thieves’ final goal. But can they catch up to the stolen nukes in time to stop the slaughter of most of the populace of New York City?

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Recently re-released as written by Lisa Black!