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The scene of the crime is lavish but gruesome. In a luxurious mansion on the outskirts of Cleveland, a woman’s body lies gutted in a pool of blood on the marble floor. The victim is Joanna Moorehouse, founder of Sterling Financial. The killer could be any one of her associates.


Maggie knows that to crack the case, she and Jack will have to infiltrate the cutthroat world of high-stakes finance. But the offices of Sterling Financial seethe with potential suspects, every employee hellbent on making a killing. When another officer uncovers disturbing evidence in a series of unrelated murders, the investigation takes a surprising detour.


Only Maggie recognizes the blood-soaked handiwork of a killer who has committed the most heinous of crimes—and will continue killing until he is stopped. Burdened with unbearable secrets, Maggie must make an agonizing choice, while her conscience keeps telling her: she’s next.


“A solid position in suspense, a solid backbone of detection.” --Kirkus Reviews

“As always with Black, this psychological suspense is incredible. And her way of describing the financial world makes you want to run out, take any money you have invested, cash it in and place it under your pillow instead.” --Suspense Magazine

Perish comp

"...the plot hurtles to an adrenaline-fueled conclusion that is sure to hook Black’s devoted readership." -- Booklist

“The plot twists are woven into multiple threads, and mystery fans will be rewarded for their patience with this roller coaster of a story.”– RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars


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